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Every new employee that walks through our door is an opportunity for us all to grow and learn. For that reason, education is a key focus for all staff. Our employees are cross-trained to provide the best care to customers and also to grow within their own careers.

We Provide Training

Our team enjoys an inviting culture and numerous opportunities for advancement. Training and on-the-job mentorship are company-wide focuses to help you grow both personally and professionally. We’re committed to helping your career and adding to your resume because we know that happy employees lead to happier customers!

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We believe that without the community that supports us we would not exist, so with every a portion of the proceeds go back into our communities. We have a place in our hearts for kids whether it’s those less fortunate, future leaders and entrepenuers, or programs that develop and inspire. 

Our purpose: To positively impact the lives of our team, customers, and community by developing lifelong relationships that Make the automotive experience enjoyable.

Our Leadership

Dan Pilson

Jamie Pilson
Vice President

Our Foundation and Legacy

Where we are today rests squarely on the shoulders of our Founder Dan Pilson.  Dan loved helping people. It didn’t matter if it was one of over 50,000 customers who purchased a vehicle or one of the many people who made a career stop at the Pilson Auto Center’s during Dan’s lifetime, Dan was always there to help, willing to do whatever it takes and jump in wherever needed. He believed in a hard day’s work, and led by example, working 6 days a week the majority of his career. His door was always open. Dan made time to build relationships with those around him. These qualities plus his belief in taking personal responsibility, making sacrifices for others and doing the right thing even when it is not easy make the business what it is today.  

Leaders in our Industry

We believe that leadership in our industry is driven by developing great leadership inside our organization.  When our leaders learn and grow our people learn and grow which directly impacts our customers and our communities. Leadership is the great multiplier and there is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that believes in it’s people and continually raises them up as leaders.